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Houston Salsa Dancers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports educational advancement through an annual scholarship program by promoting the rich multi-cultural diversity of the art of Latin dance and music in and around the Houston area.


Since 2000, Houston Salsa Dancers, Inc., has been exposing students to different Latin communities and cultures through the art of dance which not only increases self-esteem, but also instills a sense of community.

Working with various groups and communities, Houston Salsa Dancers, Inc. serves the community through a scholarship program, college/career day program, dance classes, and various cultural events.

Houston Salsa Dancers, Inc. is officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation who hosts the LARGEST  Salsa Socials in Houston every month raising funds for the annual HSD, Inc. Scholarship Program.  Through this programs, HSD has helped dozens of students from the Houston area by awarding a cumulative total of over $25,000 in scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded annually at the LARGEST  Salsa event in the South, the Houston Salsa Congress, every Martin Luther King, Jr weekend.  The Houston Salsa Congress has become a must-attend event for many dancers and performers.  Being the first non-profit Congress, the HSD Board Members are always innovating and changing how Congresses are managed setting the bar high for other events to follow the remainder of the year.  The Congress consist of performances by only the best in Salsa and other dances, weekend workshops to help dancers improve their skills, and some of the best social dancing in the world!

Another way HSD is stepping above the rest is through its event called “Bailando Hacia La Universidad (“Dancing Your Way to College”)” which was designed to educate High School students on attending college and college admission.  (we bring in guests speakers and end it with a special performance…example agenda:

Houston Salsa Dancers, Inc. also hosts the “SalsaDURA Saturday” social every 1st Saturday every month.  SalsaDURA is also called the mini-Congress of the South attracting dancers and performers from all around the world.  This monthly event helps fund the Scholarship fund along with the Houston Salsa Congress event.


Bailando Hacia La Universidad (Dancing Your Way to College) is a half day special exhibition hosted by Houston Salsa Dancers, Inc. in conjunction with the University of Houston for Houston and surrounding area High School students.  This event consists of educating students on the importance of attending college as well as informing them of such topics as admissions, and financial aid and scholarships.  Students end their day with inspirational dance performances by local, national and international performers.

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